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The Polytech Festival of Science, Art & Technology is a large-scale pop-science & art weekend for adults and children launched by the Polytechnic Museum. Last year festival brought together more than 100 000 visitors. On May 19−20, 2018 the Festival will be held for the fifth time. Its main theme will be «The Energy» and it will take place in Gorky Park.

Energy is a physical quantity which we use to describe all the processes in the Universe: from the human whisper to supernova explosions, from the force that a football player would need to kick a ball to the launch of a rocket. It is a "measure of all things", a universal property of the world, which allows us to measure things that are immeasurable at first glance.
Energy changes things around us — we know this, we can see it and feel it when we exercise, start a car, send a message or simply grab a bite at our favorite cafe. However, we cannot see the energy or hold it in our hands.

Connecting incomparable things, revealing invisible connections and relations between them, trying to discover hidden links — these tasks are not reserved exclusively for scientists, artists or poets. We all made our own discoveries, however big or small, when we were kids.

We would like to invite artists and art groups, designers and inventors to develop and implement their original projects at the Polytech Festival.

Project requirements and conditions:

We are interested in projects that are inspired by scientific ideas. The projects should interpret the concepts of contemporary science, inspire the audience to carry out scientific research, draw attention to the role of the scientist in the modern world and promote curiosity.

The projects should:

  • be implemented outdoors without the need for additional shelters;
  • be adapted to the format of the street festival and be suited for a large number of visitors;
  • evolve around the main theme of the Polytech Festival 2018.

The projects can be applied in the following formats:

  • an installation
  • a performance
  • a public art object
  • a scientific attraction

The project should be implemented within the budget provided by the Festival (limited to 500 000 rubles) or with some extra funding from the applicant.

The Festival provides a venue for the project, security for the duration of the Festival, PR-support of the project as part of the Festival, the required power and water supply as well as help from volunteers (if necessary).

The grant covers the cost of production but does not include the artist’s fee and travel costs.

Apart from the chance to showcase the project at the Festival, the artist (or a group of artists) of the project that will make it to the finals, will receive a fee of 50 000 rubles.

Application approval process

To apply, fill out the form and send it to along with the visual description of the project (up to 10 images) or a download link. Please state «Open call Polytech 2018» in the subject line.

The deadline for applications is February 18, 2018.

The list of winners will be published no later than March 1, 2018, on the website of the Polytechnic Museum.

The winners will be selected by the curatorial team of the Polytech Festival. After that, the projects will be sent to the Development Fund of the Polytechnic Museum for the final approval. The project budget should only include the cost of production, excluding the artist’s fee and travel costs.

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