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The Polytech Festival of Science, Art, and Technology in partnership with Cardboardia announces an open call for everyone who wishes to take part in “Made in Cardboardia 2018” internship programme.
Cardboardia is currently working on a project for the Polytech Festival 2018 where they will create a space of Real Reality. The programme is supported by HSE Art and Design School and the educational organization “New School” with the involvement of curators from Cardboardia, The Netherlands, and Russia.

We believe that the world can exist in multiple realities. But we still do not know how to cross the border of our own reality and get into another. What energy source should we use to make such transfer?

We will look for answers to these questions during the internship by creating a unique type of programming — the programming of real reality. Things that previously could only exist in virtual reality will become possible at the Polytech Festival in Moscow on May 19−20, 2018.

Carboardia internship programme includes two modules:

Audience interaction, performance, and planning

Module instructors: Sergey Korsakov (Tyran of Cardboardia) and Alexey Kokorin (Slava’s Snow Show, Lenkom theatre).

Together we will learn how to plan an event and create an event scenario based on a proposed concept. We will acquire public speaking skills and learn how to communicate with an audience. We will race on the rollers of the Ambox electronic hurdy-gurdy to set an alchemic experiment and figure out some values of the modern world.
Through this module of the internship, we will also choose and coach communicators and performers for various international and Russian projects which will be presented at the Polytech Festival 2018. For example, a performance from Noisy Toys (UK), the Steli project from the Italian theater Stalker etc.

Performance Design

Module instructors: Olesya Kandalintseva (Minister of Education of Cardboardia), Mikhail Goroshkov (architect, teacher), Mathijs Stegink and Michael Veerman (Cardboarders/ Reanimation, The Netherlands).

The programme includes two stages: during the first week we will learn some basic skills of working with cardboard, developing the concept of objects and set design, then we will be joined by artists and animators from Reanimation and Cardboarders to create objects of Real Reality.


May 7−20, 2018 (2 weeks)


May 7−13 — "New School" (Ramenki metro station, Mosfilmovskaya str., 88, building 5)
May 14−16 — HSE Art and Design School (Paveletskaya metro station, M. Pionerskaya, 12)
May 17−20 — Polytech Festival, Gorky Park (Oktyabrskaya metro station, Park Kultury metro station)

WHO may be interested:

Audience interaction, performance, and planning

Actors, performers, directors who would like to improve their performing and improvisation skills as well as to learn how to plan and manage a performance. Organizers who would like to develop better public interaction skills are also welcome to apply. Your previous training in performance and management is a plus but not required.

Performance Design

Beginning artists, designers, architects, photographers, pedagogy students and everyone who is interested in making art. Taking part in our intensive practical course will teach you the basics of cardboard and paper modeling. You will also learn how to put up participatory performances. The course is an ideal practice internship for university students. We will provide you with necessary documents.

Your educational background is important for us but does not play a big role in the selection process.

The interns will be given diverse and sometimes unexpected tasks as well as an opportunity to take part in creating real projects. The extent of your involvement in these projects will depend only on your aspirations, talents, and diligence. However, we are expecting your full engagement for this period.

For professionals, the internship can become a space for experiments, a place where they can work on their projects and search for new directions.

For students and beginning artists, the internship can be an opportunity to make first steps in performing arts. It will be a place where only your performance and involvement will be evaluated, not your university diploma or a portfolio.


Day sessions run from 11−00 to 19−00
Festival days (May 19−20) from 9−00 to 22−00

You can join us either for the full term of for one week.
The precise schedule will be available after the interview.


Participation is free. The participants of the programme will be chosen after the selection process and an interview.
To apply, please, tell us about yourself and fill out the application form online:

We will get back to you in five days.

For a better understanding of the project, please have a look at some photographs of the Alchemical Laboratory from the Polytech Festival 2017:

Curators of the Internship programme and Cardboardia team members:

Olesya Kandalintseva, (Minister of Education of Cardboardia, artist, designer, curator of the Internship program at “Made in Cardboardia”) Born in Moscow, Russia. She graduated from High School of Landscape Architecture and Design in Moscow. In 2011 – 2012 she attended two summer study cycles at the Strelka Institute. Starting from January 2013 Olesya Kandalintseva is Minister of Education of Cardboardia and a curator of “Made in Cardboardia” internship programme. Up to now, Olesya has implemented more than 40 projects as curator and artist.

Mathijs Stegink (Minister of Cardboard of Cardboardia, designer, teacher, cardboard admirer, founder of Cardboarders group). He participated in such festivals as the Lowlands Festival and KLIK! Animation Festival (The Netherlands).

Michael Veerman started as a teacher and fine arts consultant. He possesses all kinds and forms of animation skills (2D / 3D, stop-motion etc.). He is a co-owner of the Reanimation group.

Mathijs and Michael met at the Oerol festival (Terschelling island, Netherlands), where they collaborated on a video project. Аfter that they decided to open an animation studio. Inspired by absurd and quirkiness, their works make everyone believe that creativity does not have to be exclusively professional, and that creative energy is available to everyone.

Aleksei Kokorin (actor, director) graduated from the Shchukin Theatre Institute in 2014 and joined the troupe of the Lenkom Theatre the same year. The participant of Slava’s Snow Show, a collaborator of Tеатр.doc. Cinema director and screenwriter.

Mikhail Goroshkov (architect, artist, graduate of the Moscow Institute of Architecture and Technology 2012). The head of the "Art and technology" program at the "New School". He took part in several internships at Cardboardia and designed the Cardboardia Pictures project, the Cardboardia film studio at the Sziget festival 2107 in Hungary.

Sergey Korsakov (The Tyran of Cardboardia, curator, head of «Bad Taste» music label and agency, president of "ЦуЕФА" federation. For the last 20 years, he has been creating and organizing events around the world including concerts, parties, performances, parades and city festivals. Since 2007, he has been elected Tyran of Cardboardia and has been re-elected every day ever since.


The “New School” unites teachers from some of the best schools in Moscow and Russia. Their mission is to allow children from different social strata to study in the school and develop their best possible cognitive, creative and human skills.

HSE Art And Design School is a part of HSE (Higher School of Economics), one of the top Russian universities. It produces high-class professionals in design, fashion, and contemporary art. The main principle of HSE Art And Design School is a project-based education. The students here have an opportunity to work with real projects according to specifications from real companies and brands. This allows them to build their own design portfolio and help them integrate into a professional environment. The School regularly hosts open lectures, workshops and public talks with famous designers, artists, photographers, architects and professionals from the field of fashion, advertising and theatre.

The internship programme at “Made in Cardboardia” workshop was established in January 2013. Since then the program participants and workshop curators have implemented more than 40 projects, including the projects that have been featured at the following festivals: Museums at Night (Moscow, 2013), Bright people (Moscow, 2013 and 2014), LowLands (the Netherlands, 2013 and 2014), International Lohas Festival (Taiwan) etc. The European internship programme in 2015 coincided with the Mobile Embassy of Cardboardia tour (Latvia, Poland, Denmark). In 2016 the internships were held in Russia and the UK.

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Congratulations to the winners! The winner of this year's voting is an international team of Shukhov Lab and their "Green Spark" project. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Festival!



The Polytech Festival of Science, Art & Technology is a large-scale pop-science & art weekend for adults and children launched by the Polytechnic Museum. Last year festival brought together more than 100 000 visitors. On May 19-20, 2018 the Festival will be held for the fifth time. Its main theme will be «The Energy» and it will take place in Gorky Park.