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Laboratory of alchemists from the Cardboardia project

27 May 11:00–19:00
28 May 11:00–19:00

Musical experiments with an Ambox electronic «barrel organ»

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Ambox is a music box that transforms physical energy into electricity and allows you to play your favorite music. Like with a classic barrel organ, you just need to turn the knob to hear the music. But unlike those archaic boxes, Ambox allows you to play up to hundreds of different melodies and also record new ones. During the workshops to be held as part of the Polytech Festival, the Cardboardia team will test various audiovisual versions of Ambox, allowing everyone to become a little musician. Armed with DIY tools, the participants of the workshops will be able to walk around the Festival area as part of a theatrical musical procession.

The main goal of alchemists in all cultures has always been a transformation of an animate or inanimate object, its «rebirth» and transition «to a new level». Just as the medieval alchemists changed the properties of objects, the performing alchemists equipped with Amboxes can mystically influence the mood of the audience. Together with guests of the Festival, the alchemists from Cardboardia will conduct various experiments, studying the world around us in order to reveal its best manifestations.