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How does a pear get to the brain?

19 May 12:00–13:00
20 May 12:00–13:00

Ins and outs of our digestive system
Ilya Kolmanovsky

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How do we decide what to eat, and what to spit out immediately? Why do adults love bitter tastes and children do not? How does the food that we eat get into our blood vessels on its way to the brain and other important organs? Which organs need this food and what useful nutrients do they get from it? Using experiments, original comparisons and unexpected facts, the head of Biologics Lab of the Polytechnic Museum Ilya Kolmanovsky will tell the children and their parents the ins and outs of our digestive system

The lecture will be supported by the "Direct Speech" Lectorium as part of the Children’s science program of the Festival. The book "How does a pear get to the brain?" was published by the Polytechnic Museum in partnership with "Pink Giraffe" publishing house in 2017.