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19 May 11:00–23:00
20 May 11:00–23:00

A controlled storm
Loop.pH studio (Mathias Gmachl, Rachel Wingfield)
Austria / Great Britain

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The Storm Laboratory is a transparent pneumatic toroidal form that contains thousands of animated carbon particles. They are set in a chaotic motion by portable fans. The particles acquire the electric charge by friction (against each other and the form), and interact with a static electric field of a person. They gather on the inner surface of the form in those places where people touch it. The air flow simulates a storm, whereas the particles help us observe the wind’s direction and speed inside the form. The audience will have the opportunity not only to witness a simulated storm but also to control its force by changing the air flow speed inside the installation.

The Loop.pH studio was founded in 2003 by Mathias Gmachl (Austria) and Rachel Wingfield (UK) to create interdisciplinary projects in the field of architecture, art, and science. The Storm Laboratory was first introduced in 2016 in the Victoria and Albert Museum. The artists are going to update the project they are bringing to the Polytech Festival — portable fans will be replaced with big ones and the form itself will be modified. The ability to control the air flow inside the installation will also be added.

Лаборатория шторма