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City as a playground

28 May

A lecture from the creator of «LA CARAVANE DANS LE CIEL»
Benedetto Bufalino

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The French artist Benedetto Bufalino is a master of interventions into the public space.

He works in the field of public art, creating installations for streets, parks and other urban spaces. He takes ordinary objects and materials such as cars, skateboards, cardboard boxes, telephone booths etc and puts them in an unusual context. This allows Bufalino to create vivid artwork, balancing between the comical and lyrical, ordinary and bizarre: a phone booth becomes an aquarium, a skateboard turns into a carpet plane, a police car transforms into a chicken coop. His installations are often deliberately built from cheap and dispensary materials (cardboard, fabric etc), that only stresses the open nature of his art.

In December 2016, at the Festival of Lights in Lyon, Benedetto Bufalino presented the installation «La BÉTONNIÈRE BOULE À FACETTES». The video with the installation has gone viral on the Internet.

Exclusively for the Polytech Festival, the artist in cooperation with the Festival team will create a high-rise installation «LA CARAVANE DANS LE CIEL», which will be seen from everywhere at the Festival.

In his lecture, Bufalino will speak about his projects and his approach to urban spaces.