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Scientific truth proclaimers

27 May 18:00–21:30
28 May 11:00–21:30

Autonomously driven scientific truth proclaimers
Niklas Roy, Kati Hyyppa

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Scientific truth proclaimers are autonomously driving vehicles built from hacked remote controlled toy cars. They will be presented at the Polytech festival in the form of robotic performances. Inspired by the concerns regarding fake news and the disregarding of truth in our social media — driven society, the vehicles promote scientific knowledge and eternal truths. As they take over the festival site, they broadcast messages through megaphones, which remind us of important wisdoms of science.

The Scientific truth proclaimers are the result of a 2-day DIY workshop facilitated by Berlin-based artists Niklas Roy and Kati Hyyppa. Each of the vehicles is curated and built by a team of workshop participants based on the scientific topics that they find important and worthy of some additional boost.