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27 May 11:00–21:00
28 May 11:00–21:00

Interactive installation for live communication
//////////fur//// art entertainment interfaces

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Facebox is not a game, but rather a serious meeting place and therapy site for Internet addicts, the last chance at salvation from total alienation and the extinction of interpersonal communication.

Now that Facebook has turned friendship into a mass commodity and the number of virtual friends is becoming a litmus test of one’s own status, real friends have become a rarity. More and more frequently, we forget where and how to find real friends, since we – even in the presence of all those who attest to our social popularity – still just post and ’like’ items on each other’s timelines, ’like’ the comments of those who share our status updates.

In the process, without realizing it, we lose the one person that matters the most to us: that one true friend. But it’s still not too late. You are lucky to be visiting this Festival, for the only place left where you can embark on a real friendship is inside this Facebox – the smallest social network in the world. You decide: a friend for life or friends on Facebook?

Put your head into the opening of the Facebox. Are you too short or too tall? No problem, you can adjust the height of the step to your own height. Your chin should at all times rest on the plate. Wait until another user enters the Facebox. Follow the instructions of the computerized voice or use your own words to talk to your new friend. You can also poke him with the stick placed outside the Facebox. If you have become real friends, you can get to know each other even better hand-in — hand in the real world.

//////////fur//// art entertainment interfaces are Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff. Based in Cologne, Germany. Since 2001 they have been creating multi-sensory artifacts related to social aspects of the computer games culture. Their interactive installations combine gamelogic, media criticism, parody and childhood memories transforming all these into engaging man-machine experiences, often altering the view on the relationship between humans and technology. Apart from the main artistic exploration of alternative user interfaces, humor, group experience, and hormones are the key ingredients of their work.

Attention! The Festival program includes a lecture by the creator of the project.