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"Feminism: Extremes and the Golden Mean"

27 May

A conversation with Sassa Buregren and Elin Lindell, authors of the book "Feminism pagar". Moderated by Alexandra Kuvshinova
Sassa Buregren, Elin Lindell

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Sassa Buregren is a writer and painter, a member of the Swedish National Union of Artists and the Swedish Writers’ Union.

Elin Lindell is a writer, journalist, and illustrator of books for children.

Alexandra Kuvshinova is a curator, translator, and journalist.

Sassa Buregren and Elin Lindell will present the Russian edition of their book "Feminism pagar” (the Russian title — "What We Celebrate on March 8"), which was published by "Belaya Vorona". The writers will talk about the origins of feminism in Sweden and other countries, the achievements of the feminist movement over a period of a hundred years, and the place of a woman in their native Sweden. After the introducing lecture, we invite everyone to join the discussion on the future of feminism, the prospects for feminism in different countries, the extremes of feminism that scare away doubters, and the extremes that frighten feminists themselves. We invite Moscow high school students to try to identify their own stereotypes, to vote and discuss the stereotypes that should be either fought against or defended in Russia and in Sweden, as well as to exchange opinions on the feminist movement in these two countries.