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27 May 21:00–23:00
28 May 21:00–23:00

Mobile urban intervention with modified handcarts made by “space and time pirates”

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According to RaumZeitPiraten, public space sounds like an unfulfilled promise. Restrictive forces seem to work against what could be spheres of interaction and free communication for a community and all its inhabitants. At the Festival «the engineers of the parallel universe», as the artists call themselves, will make their own intervention into the urban environment to present a mobile audiovisual performance.

The HackenPorsche are modified shopping trolleys for urban interventions and audiovisual guerilla performances. An analogue, optoacoustically intertwined machinery forming three light and sound emitting satellites played by the RaumZeitPiraten while getting lost in space and time.

With custom-built, sound-reactive LED and laser projectors and light-controlled, musical machines they will explore the festival area transforming walls, buildings and whatever crosses their way into experimental, audiovisual playgrounds.

RaumZeitPiraten (SpaceTimePirates) initiated by Tobias Daemgen, Jan Ehlen and Moritz Ellerich – are creating location-specific performative multimedia installations, interventions and happenings. They are an art collective, inspired by the concept of the four-dimensional „Raumzeit“ of Albert Einstein, space and time are determining elements of perception and creation together with the idea of ​​free “piratey” artistic play with custom-built tools for art investigations. The performances and interventions of the art collective deal with the theme of light and shadow, changing the perception of the environment with the help of various optical and sonic instruments that the artists build specifically for their projects. According to artists their custom-built opto-acoustic instruments are misusing and remixing ancient and up-to-date auditive and visual technologies for heterogeneous, organically improvised light and sound architectures.

Space and Time Pirates are able to take their inspiration both in the philosophy of Vilem Flusser and visit to techno club.