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Urban air tools

28 May

A lecture by the creator of the "Double heart" installation
Marco Canevacci

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Is it possible to build architecture out of the air? How to make pneumatic objects sound, measure human emotions and pulse? How to change the architecture and urban environment without construction materials? These and other questions will be answered in the lecture by Marco Canevacci, the founder, and ideologist of the Plastique-Fantastique group, one of the most famous teams in the world who works with objects of "ephemeral architecture".

The Plastique-Fantastique group originated in Berlin in 1999, and, due to the unique circumstances of that time, it turned into a laboratory for the creation of temporary spaces and pneumatic objects in the urban environment. The works of Plastique-Fantastique continue the trend, which was laid by the utopian art group Haus-Rucker-Co, whose pneumatic interventions in the urban environment in the 1960s played with the reality in a dadaistic, ironic way. According to Marco Canevacci, air and plastic are an ideal tool for playing with the urban space, while the sound, performance, video or light can serve as additional components of this interplay.

Pneumatic interventions by Marco and his associates appear in various parts of the world in different forms and shapes. For example, the "Creator of emotions" at the London Fashion Week, or pieces of scenery for the performance of the theater group "Rimini Protocol", the "golden bagel" installed in one of Berlin passages, a giant lifeboat with documentary interviews of refugees in The Hague etc.

Exclusively for the Polytech Festival, Marco created a site-specific installation "Double heart".