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Keynote speaker: Ivan Poupyrev

27 May

The star of interactive design, the man behind Google Jacquard and Botanicus Interacticus talks about his experimental projects


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Ivan Poupyrev is a researcher, designer, and developer, one of the most advanced experimenters in the field of interactive design. Currently, Ivan leads working groups in Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects). Before that he used to create design projects for Walt Disney (Imagineering research division) and Sony Corporate

Research laboratories. In his projects, Ivan combines physical reality with digital technologies. He does not simply look into the future, he creates it.

The works of Ivan Poupyrev have been presented in the world's largest design competitions and were covered by international media (BBC, CNN, Fast Company, Wired, The New York Times, New Scientist, The Financial Times, The Washington Post, NIKKEI, Forbes, Time, MIT Technology Review etc).

The creative practices of Ivan Poupyrev affect interactive paradigms for everyday objects and reinterpretation of interfaces. One of his last projects — Project Jacquard — is a "smart" denim fabric that turns clothes into a high-tech interface. Fabric threads transmit signals to the smartphone, allowing the users, for example, to control the incoming calls by touching the denim.

Ivan Poupyrev will deliver a lecture in which he will tell about his projects.

In addition, the Polytech Festival will be presenting a project using the Touche technology which was developed by Ivan Poupyrev.

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