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Physics and the Future

28 May

Ask not what Physics will do for you, but what together we can do for the future!
Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski

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Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski, who in the media is sometimes called the new Einstein, was born in Chicago in 1993. As a child, she was fascinated by aviation and from the age of nine began to take first flying lessons. When she was 10, Sabrina started experiments with the assembly of a plane engine in the foyer outside her bedroom, she started flying at the age of 11 and and at 13 she made her first solo flight over Canada. The very same day she received a job offer from her idol, the head of Amazon and the owner of the Blue Origin aerospace company Jeff Bezos. At the age of 14, Pasterski independently assembled a single-engine aircraft, which appeared on the cover of "Chicago Tribune".

Sabrina Pasterski completed her undergraduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where she studied physics. She was the first female student in the history of MIT to receive the prestigious Joel Matthew Orloff Scholarship.

In 2016, she became the only female scientist cited in the paper of Stephen Hawking, Malcolm J. Perry and Andrew Strominger "Soft Hair on Black Holes". At the moment, Andrew Strominger is the doctoral advisor of Pasterski in her postgraduate course at Harvard University. At age 23, Pasterski has already worked for NASA and Blue Origin, held experiments at the Large Hadron Collider, got on the Forbes "30 under 30" list ("30 outstanding people under 30") and received more than a dozen awards for her contribution to science.