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The book program of the Polytech Festival

27 May 12:00–20:00
28 May 12:00–20:00

More than thirty of the best Moscow and St. Petersburg publishers and bookstores will present a selection of non-fiction literature for children and adults


Event on the Festival Map

This year a separate pavilion will be built for the book fair of the Polytech Festival. It will be located opposite the main stage of the Festival, where lectures and performances will be held non-stop. Books of some of the guests of the Festival will be available at the fair and you will be able to sign them after the lectures should you wish to do so.

The book fair is an opportunity to imagine what a bookstore might look like in the historical building of the Polytechnic Museum. Exclusively for the store, dozens of the best Moscow and St. Petersburg publishers and bookstores would methodically select books to tell the children and adults about science and experiments, gadgets and technology, fundamental knowledge and the latest scientific discoveries.

The main guests of the book program this year will be Piotr Socha, the Polish artist and popularizer of science for children, the author of "The Book of Bees" published recently by the "Samokat" publishing house, and Sassa Buregren and Elin Lindell, the authors of the children’s educational book on feminism "Feminism pagar" (the Russian title — "What We Celebrate on March 8"). On May 28 Piotr Socha will deliver his lecture titled "Honey paradise" and on May 27 Sassa Buregren and Elin Lindell will discuss the problems and perspectives of the feminist movement in Russia and Sweden in their "Feminism: Extremes and the Golden Mean" presentation. Both lectures start at 2 PM.