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27 May 11:00–23:00
28 May 11:00–23:00

Sonic intervention of mechanical “Swans”
Marco Barotti
Italy - Germany

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Peacefully "floating" in the Pionersky pond of Gorky Park, the mechanical swans, according to the artist’s intention, embody irony and a critical approach to the contemporary society. Irony is a clearly recognizable element of this installation made from eight satellite dishes, seven white and one black, obvious waste elements of our society representing the power of mainstream TV and mass media. Brought to life by sound, wind and water, these animals float peacefully in a pond, merging perfectly with the nature surrounding them. Organically fitting in the natural landscape, the "heads" of swans, equipped with speakers, reproduce two layers of sound design consisting of bass frequencies and human breath passing through brass instruments provide them with voice and motion. Mixed in this way, the sounds become the "voices" of mechanical birds, so that each "bird" has his own, artificially created voice. The resulting picture provokes both a sense of revulsion and an intimate feeling of familiarity, serving as a hack of the natural environment while challenging the audience with its amalgamation of tech waste and wildlife.

Marco Barotti is a musician and artist, member of the art groups Asphalt Piloten and Plastique-Fantastique. Currently, he resides in Berlin and works in different genres — from sound art to performance.