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Honey paradise

28 May

Lecture by the author of "The Book of Bees"
Piotr Socha

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Piotr Socha is one of the most well-known illustrators in Poland. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Department of graphics and book illustration). For many years he has been working for various magazines, and also as a designer on Polish TV. In 1999 he won the Golden Eagle award and the Artistic Director of the Year award in the Golden Eagles advertisement competition.

At the Polytech Festival, Piotr Socha will present his international bestseller — "The Book of Bees" published in Russian by the "Samokat" publishing house. The text was written by Wojciech Grajkowski who was once a researcher at the Institute for Experimental Biology and the book is illustrated by Piotr Socha.

"The Book of Bees" is not only about honey and hives. It is about the role the bees play in the history of mankind. Piotr Socha is the son of a real beekeeper, so he had plenty of experimental material throughout his life. At the Festival, the famous illustrator will tell about his work on the book — how he connected his own experience of working with bees with biological and historical research. Moreover, we will also learn about how it all relates to dinosaurs, Napoleon, Josephine and Christian saints that also found their place in Socha’s study of bees. Apart from that, the audience will have an excellent opportunity to ask Piotr Socha about the environment, urban gardening and eco-projects.

In addition, at the lecture, we will learn about how honey bees communicate, why they dance and what fruits, vegetables, and products we have thanks to them. Finally, together with Piotr Socha and a group of Moscow beekeeper activists, we will build some small bee "hotels".