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Science in objects

27 May 11:00–19:00
28 May 11:00–19:00

Research project/meeting with a scientist
University of Children

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The studies and laboratories of scientists are often full of mysterious tools, the purpose of which most of us can only vaguely guess. One thing is for sure: it is better not to touch them.

At the University of Children at the Polytech Festival, everything will be quite the opposite. Here, scientific objects will be displayed so that children will be able to study them closely from all sides, touch them, smell them and click on all buttons. Upon entering the "Science in objects", children will find themselves inside a laboratory of a scientist. They will explore and discuss some scientific objects, guess at their purpose and eventually learn how and when it was applied in both scientific research and everyday life.

Thus, on the one hand, children will act as researchers, asking and answering questions about the objects in their hands. Like an archaeologist who found an unknown artifact during the excavations, they will not know its purpose but will be able to guess. On the other hand, children will learn directly from scientists how those work with their everyday tools.

The venue is open all day for the duration of the Festival.