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19 May 11:00–18:00
20 May 11:00–18:00

Конструктор вселенных
ZIP Art Group

Event on the Festival Map

12:30 pm "What does it take to become a star?" (Anton Biryukov, astrophysicist)
2:30 pm "A utopian cruise", ZIP Art Group

"Zero-object" is some sort of Malevich’s “Black Square”, a starting point of our universe. ZIP Art Group invites children and adults to create their own universes. It is a space where all surfaces are covered with black velcro fabric which makes it easy to attach various construction parts to them. A similar fabric is used on the ISS, so as not to lose things in the zero-gravity environment. Children can wear costumes from the same fabric and become parts of their own universes.

ZIP Art Group is a Russian art collective created in 2009 in Krasnodar. The members of the group have been awarded the “Innovation” prize in 2013 and the Kandinsky Prize in 2017. They founded the Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art and the Independent Street Art Festival MOZHET. Other projects include the art residence Pyatikhatki and the Krasnodar Center for Contemporary Art "Typography" where they run classes for children and organize exhibitions and educational projects. "Zero-object" is a collaboration between Eugene Rimkevich, Vasily Subbotin, and Stepan Subbotin.