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Real Reality Glasses

19 May 12:00–22:00
20 May 11:00–20:00

The software of life
Cardboarders/ reanimation and Cardboardia
The Netherlands / Russia

Event on the Festival Map

In recent decades, humanity has created VR technology that is beginning to have a huge impact on our lives. The team of Cardboardia seeks to prevent the situation, where our usual world is forgotten and replaced by the virtual one. For the Polytech Festival, Cardboardia is gathering a team of European experts, Dutch educators, and artists from Cardboarders/Reanimation. Together they are going to demonstrate how the actual reality can exist in a symbiotic relationship with virtual reality. The team will create a special experimental space with Actual Reality goggles that look very much like VR goggles, but show only the real world.

During the week before the Festival, a joint team of Cardboardia and Cardboarders/Reanimation will run a workshop on creating objects of Actual Reality.

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