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27 May 12:00–20:00
28 May 12:00–20:00

Workshops for children under 12 years old
The Green School

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The Green School is a kind of a dacha where you can learn some new stuff and a club of young naturalists. The School will host classes in ecology and gardening as well as some interesting art workshops, where it will be possible to build sculptures from used batteries and plastic bottles, design objects from pressed cardboard and draw with natural paints.


The Flight
This is a real aircraft workshop which will take place on the lawn of the Green School. The children are going to learn to overcome the force of gravity by building aircraft models from styrofoam and then launching them into the air.

Painting in the air
Painting with the use of a pendulum: we will create a machine with one or several pendulums, in the center of which the paint will be poured. Swinging the pendulum, the children are going to paint their own creations.

Painting by gravity
This involves painting on vertically hanged paper sheets. The liquid paint will flow down the sheet under the influence of gravity, thereby creating a painting.

This is a planting workshop. The children will learn how a sprout from a tiny grain is going to overcome the force of gravity. All the plants will be planted in transparent glasses so that it will be possible to observe their growth.