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Training gear for the development of wing muscles (ТрДРМК)

27 May 11:00–21:00
28 May 11:00–21:00

A monument to a living person who climbs the stairs to the sky to pump their wing muscles

Event on the Festival Map

The winning work of the Polytech Festival Open Call 2017 is a training gear that turns its user into a work of art and an urban object. The installation bearing some kinetic elements is a symbolic monument to a living person who climbs the stairs to the sky in order to first pump the wing muscles, and then overcome the force of gravity.

All guests of the Festival are welcome to try the installation.

ТрДРМKp is a reinterpretation of an idea of an outdoor training gear and its transformation into a work of art. It is also an ironic take on a man’s dream of free flight.

Rules of use of «ТрДРМКр»:

1. Designed to be used by one person at a time. Age: 14+.

2. A user should:

- climb the stairs
 — stand with their back pressed to the wings
 — buckle up
 — hold the handles
 — wave the wings until finished
 — unfasten
 — turn and face the wings
 — climb down the stairs.

The creators of the project — the architect Mikhail Leikin and the graduate of the Polygraphic Institute Maria Sumnina (daughter of one of the key Moscow conceptualists Andrei Monastyrsky) started the duo MishMash in 1999. In English, this word means «confusion» or «mess», and this is the method that the artists often use in their work, turning art projects into games. The artistic duo works with different genres of art, architecture, and design. They have been multiple finalists of the Kandinsky Prize, nominees for the Innovation Award 2012, Terna Prize and other awards and competitions. MishMash are widely exhibited both in Russia and abroad.