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In search of time slowed down: the slow motion show

27 May 12:00–13:00
28 May 13:00–14:00, 18:00–19:00

The science show from the Head of the Laboratory of Biology Ilya Kolmanovsky
Ilya Kolmanovsky

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Ilya Kolmanovsky will demonstrate some phenomena that are invisible to the eye. To achieve this, slow-motion and time-lapse shooting modes will be used.

Imagine that some scenes are being filmed on a stage — a rat or a malamute dog are shaking off the water, some water droplets are flying away from the hair of a girl, a viper is hitting the ball, some spectacular physical and chemical experiments are being conducted. All this is going to be projected onto a big screen in slow motion as the lecturer is giving his explanation to what the audience is seeing.

Also, a take-off of a dove, flying from Gorky Park to a dovecote at Taganka with a camera and GPS-tracker attached, will be shown in slow motion. The audience will watch the bird’s journey and track the bird’s route on the map.

In addition, during the entire show, the almost imperceptible slow movement of giant African snails will be recorded, which in the end will be played in the time-lapse mode.