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19 May 13:00–20:00
20 May 13:00–20:00

A Dance Piece in Virtual Reality
Gilles Jobin

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At the Polytech Festival, the team of the Swiss choreographer Gilles Jobin will present a new dance performance called VR_I. For the first time, an immersive virtual environment becomes a stage for modern dance. The audience will be engaged in the performance as its characters. The virtual reality goggles can bring you to an endless desert, an urban landscape or a loft located at the top of a mountain. Everyone here has an avatar that mirrors all his/her movements. The participants of the performance will be able to interact with each other, talk and move around the locations, experiencing totally new sensations.

You need to register to take part in the performance. Registration will open later — follow our news!

Gilles Jobin is an innovator in the field of modern choreography. He directed more than a dozen productions, where the art of dance is intertwined with modern technology. Jobin was the first choreographer in residence at the world’s largest high-energy laboratory CERN in Geneva. The VR_I project was created in partnership with Artanim Foundation.