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Sound Interjection

27 May

A lecture by the artist who wants to change the way we listen to the world around us
Yuri Suzuki

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The term "Sound Interjection" was defined as a concept by Industrial Designer Sam Hecht to figure out Yuri Suzuk’s work.

According to the artist, most often, when we want to describe the environment in which we live, the key emphasis is usually placed on its visual component. Suzuki’s works are called upon to open a different dimension in the relationship between people and objects around them. So, sound interjection is the key principle of Yuri’s workt. This involves a substantial play element, and at the same time create new opportunities arising from a different, sound-oriented approach to the production of material objects. The objects of everyday life are supposed to make sounds, and these sounds should differ depending on various circumstances.

The interests of Yuri Suzuki lie in different spheres, but they are always connected with music and technology. Yuri is an artist, inventor, musician, and sometimes even a DJ.

One of his sound inventions is the OTOTO device, which turns any object into a sound object. OTOTO became a bestseller in the world of sound designers and artists. The artist also worked with the legendary DJ Jeff Mills, for which he developed a special instrument, created an interactive orchestra based on Swarovski crystals, made a synthesizer from Rubens flame tubes, build a public art installation from thirty giant sounding pendulums, etc. His works have been presented in the most respected museums all over the world, such as Museum of Modern Art in New York, Nam June Paik Art Center in Seoul, London Transport Museum and many others.

Exclusively at the Polytech Festival, Yuri will run a workshop for students of the Polytechnic University where they will build an "Impossible Machine" based on a Rube Goldberg machine.